Server Features
In the Community Board you will find many unique features available only on L2Secs Helios! These features include TP for the flag character, safe easy enchantment, fast Compound, full boost, TP anywhere, various events! Go to Community Board page and read more.
Many different boosts you can get from Fortune-teller Ev, playing with her in Tarot.
Participate in the daily Olympiad and get rewards from NPC "Angel". Find out the number of points and use the shop. Go to the page of NPC "Angel" and read more.
Best Weapon! When you reach the maximum weapon in the Shop, go straight here!
Farm for any level to get the current currency and items, all this you will find in the expanses of Farm Zone. Go to the Farm Zones page and find out more.
A mix of exciting PvE and brutal PvP, that's what awaits you at the dangerous battles of the World Altar Raid! Go to the World Altar Raid page and read more.
PC points for everyone just for what they are! Go to the PA Points page and read more.
You can trade with players any of your items and for any currency.
Get married with your half, just contact the Andromeda NPC!
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